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Pre-conference workshops, July 12th Post-conference workshops, July 15th
1 – William Worden
Bereavement Overload: The Challenge of Grieving Multiple Losses
6 – Christopher Hall
Best Practice Bereavement Care in the Palliative Care service
2 – Robert Neimeyer
Techniques of Grief Therapy: Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved
7 – Thomas Attig
Catching your breath in grief: A Workshop for Theorists and Caregivers
3 – Simon Rubin / Ruth Malkinson
Clinical Applications of the Continuing Bonds with the Deceased
8 – Alba Payàs Puigarnau
Guilt in Bereavement: Function and Therapeutic Intervention
4 – Cecilia Chan / Lai Ping Yuen
Empowerment Exercises for Grief
9 - Andy H. Y. Ho / Geraldine Tan-Ho
A one-day experiential workshop on Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy (MCAT)
5 - Maria Helena Franco
Bereavement and Disasters: Clinical Interventions
10 - Maarten Eisma
Exposure and Behavioral Activation for Complicated Grief